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Easter Festivities

April 16, 2014

So with Easter approaching this weekend, the kids and I dyed and decorated eggs today. Typically I dread the process of boiling a dozen eggs, hoping that they don’t crack and that they are cooked properly. Well this year, I tried something new and have to say that I am quite satisfied. Rather than boiling the eggs, I placed each egg into a cupcake pan (this prevents the eggs from rolling around), and baked them in the oven at 335 degrees for 3o minutes. Then I cooled the eggs in ice water for 10 minutes. One of the eggs cracked while cooking, but this just allowed me to see how easy they would be to peel as well as how they cooked on the inside. First of all, the shell peeled off easier than I have ever experienced. Typically, I find myself fighting with the shell, but not this time. Furthermore, the egg was cooked perfectly. I highly recommend this method of cooking a hard “boiled” egg. Here are a few photos from the festivities…

I love my tacky Easter decorations…

2014-04-15 23.08.082014-04-15 23.08.32


And seriously, nothing says “Spring” more than seeing this package…

2014-04-15 22.38.25 I mean….just look at it. You feel happier, don’t you?

So we used the vinegar method to get vibrant colors on the eggs. I think the dye is pretty on its own…

2014-04-15 22.38.04 Yes, I arranged them in the proper order, what of it??!

Here’s how the eggs turned out. So pretty!

2014-04-15 23.05.55  2014-04-15 23.05.32

The kids were very excited to decorate their eggs with the tiny stickers from the package. Okay, So was I…

2014-04-15 23.59.31                   2014-04-15 23.59.41Please forgive their vagrant appearance…they’re both battling strep throat. :(

Tiny hands <3

2014-04-15 23.59.51                   2014-04-16 00.00.01

Here is the egg showcase!!

2014-04-16 00.06.512014-04-16 00.07.002014-04-16 00.06.392014-04-16 00.06.122014-04-16 00.06.24

2014-04-16 00.07.13 The glitter was by far my favorite touch.

Gertie was not impressed with our creations…

2014-04-16 00.07.40 She fell asleep…like a lady. 2014-04-16 00.07.58


We also made these Rice Krispie Treat surprise eggs. Gertie was much more interested in that project…

2014-04-17 02.43.52

Happy spring everyone!!!


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