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A little bit about myself

Welcome to My Salty Kitchen. My name is Jenn, and I am a stay-at-home mom of two wonderful kids. My daughter is 6 and my son is 4. I love to cook, which is good considering how much I have to do it! I love to try new recipes as well as tinker with old ones. Living in Maine allows me to experience all four seasons, and you will see that this often inspires not only what I cook, but what I cook with. This is where I offer you the chance to join in my obsession with food. Whether it’s regarding preparation, recipes, cooking and eating experiences, or holidays, food is generally the epicenter of all that I do. Proper seasoning is the most important factor in the success of creating simple, fresh, and delicious food. The kitchen should be a place of joy and creative success. My style of cooking is not fussy. I use simple, fresh ingredients found in most grocery stores. I use simple techniques that any home cook can master. With a little imagination, passion, and proper seasoning, you should be able to create some amazing dishes for your family and friends.  Good food.

My obsession with food began about 10 years ago when I decided that I was going to teach myself how to cook. I did not grow up in a home where grandma made pie crusts every holiday while I stood by her side learning every trick of the trade. Recipes were not handed down to me. I learned by cooking what I liked and I learned by trial and error. One of the most important things I learned was how important seasoning is. Salt. I use salt in everything from salads to desserts. I love all things savory. Some people say they have “a sweet tooth”. I say I have a salt tooth. From a simple delicious lemon vinaigrette to a silky caramel sauce, salt is the starring lady. Salt elevates all other flavors. You will see salt in most things I do.

I have a family of picky eaters…two young children who I am steadily attempting to encourage to try new things. Cooking for them daily is a challenge, and I say “challenge accepted!!”. One of my goals as a parent is to raise adventurous eaters, and considering one of their favorite treats is a steamed artichoke, I say we’re heading in the right direction. Over time, I have created new recipes or morphed already existing recipes to tailor to the needs and demands of my lovely family. Through doing this, I have come up with some delightfully simple and delicious recipes that you too can use for yourself and your family. My recipes use fresh, often seasonally-inspired ingredients. The food I make is elegant, classic, and simple.

Along with delicious food, this site also provides a look into my life as I journey through the obstacles of the every day…my children, back pack snacks, school projects, holiday crafting, and anything else that life throws at me. You’ll notice that unlike many other recipe blog sites, my “Recipe” section keeps things fairly simple and brief. You’re not going to find a recipe full of step-by-step photos. First of all, I think it’s slightly condescending to you, the reader. I am fairly certain that you do not need photo documentation of me stirring a pot. Secondly, my aim is to keep my recipes as simple as possible, thus not needing all that stuff. I am also not going to ramble on about my life within recipes. Anyone interested in what I have to say in depth can find my blog posts in “The Digest”. This is where I talk about my adventures, my family, and what inspires certain recipes I come up with. It’s the “Behind The Music” of my cooking. So enjoy either or both, and I thank you for joining me on this ride. You can also follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mysaltykitchen  as well as Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/jennknapp76/my-salty-kitchen/ to receive new recipes as they come out.  I look forward to hearing any and all feedback from you through posts and emails. Please share your own recipes and experiences. We are in this together!!  Cheers!


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