Adding a Dash of Decadence

A collection of well-seasoned, fresh, simple yet elegant recipes.


The Secret to Success in Life is to Eat what You Like and Let the Food Fight it Out Inside."

Mark Twain

Good food is everything.

Whatever style or cuisine you like, fresh ingredients, simple techniques, and proper seasoning are the secrets to success. Do not be afraid of salt. Throw some fresh grated nutmeg in that macaroni and cheese casserole. Experiment!! Many of the mysteries of delicious food can be found in the seasoning. Just because something is difficult to make, does not ensure that it will be delicious. Conversely, just because something is simple to prepare does not mean it will not blow your mind...and your taste buds!

As the seasons change and holidays come and go, join me on this culinary journey, and hopefully we can all learn something new from each other. Enjoy cooking and enjoy eating. Good food is happiness and happiness is...well....good!

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